About Us

The Farmers’ Store

Amber Kersting: owner, creative genius, supplier of elbow grease

Hi there. I am Amber, and most likely who you will talk to when you visit The Farmers’ Store.

A little about me? Sure.

I grew up here and I know our area inside and out. But it’s not all I know. After graduating from Boyceville High School I moved to Boston and cultivated a deep love for the city, for adventure, and for life.

From Boston, I traveled (Mexico, Colorado, Georgia, back to Wisconsin. Then, on to Peru…) and had a lot of different jobs (Food service, Cicerone, student at STOUT, business owner….) and along the way collected experiences, children, stories, and skills that have landed me here. Again. I returned here by choice and as a water lover, I am active in local water quality groups for the lake I now live on. I recently graduated from STOUT. I have 3 kids and I am raising them here and committed to making their “home” the best place it can be. **This is where we will write all the things about you**

You might say I returned home and I brought the world with me.

Have Questions?
  • email: thefarmersstore@gmail.com
  • phone: 715.231.3255
  • cell:
  • address: 603 S. Broadway St. Menomonie
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