Who we are…

We love local. We ARE local.

The Farmers Store is a collection of the best our area has to offer in one charming little shop.

From rare meats to fresh milk. From honey to hand poured candles. From apples to art.

We value quality and specialize in products that come from people we know.

Candy Drawer Farms supplies one of our most sought after products, locally raised yak meat & fibers. We have freezers full of chicken, beef, eggs from happy hens, home recipe salsa, sweet honey, and maple syrup, delicious baked goods & seasonal produce from independent family farms. People we know. Community we love.

Why the fuss?

I suspect we’ve all heard about how supporting local businesses matter, but have you actually stopped to think about what it means to keep money in your local economy?

Making a purchase from a multi-billion dollar company doesn’t impact this neighborhood much; it’s a drop in the bucket.

But buying something from a small business, on the other hand…
that $20 purchase might turn into Christmas presents picked out at the corner art store and those purchases could mean the art store employee can buy lunch from the amazing eatery across the street, and she can source her paper goods from a family business and they can order business cards from an alumni with a fresh design degree who then decides to stay here instead of moving right away…

Those ripples impact your friends and neighbors. If you want to live in a vibrant community with quirky little shops and delicious food and good coffee and a flourishing housing market- shop local.

If you want people selling products they believe in, shop local.

If you want your dollars to count for more, shop local.

Shop with us, at The Farmers’ Store.

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